Members can be added a few ways in BoxMate, here are all of your options:

Member Self Registration
Members that download BoxMate from the android or apple app store then register by entering their details and selecting your box will sit in the members list as pending until you approve them at which point they will receive an email with their login details. To view pending members go to Members from the sidebar menu and look at the list at the top of the page.

At the top of the pending members list there is an orange button Approve All Members, hit this to approve everyone in the list and they will be added to the main members list and receive an email confirming their approval.

You can now enable auto approve for members meaning once registered a member is automatically able to login and use BoxMate with your gym. To enable this go to settings and turn on Member Auto Approval.

Manual Adding
You can add a member from the members page by pressing the green add new button in the top right of the list then manually inputting the details and saving, the member will receive an ail inviting them to create a secure password.

If you go to the teamup page from Account -> teamup in the sidebar menu and select the green Add To BoxMate button next to a teamup customer it will open up the members page with the same view above but pre-filled information where you can save after only updating the gender.

Teamup Connection
If members dont use the teamup email address for BoxMate or have a differently spelled name they will need manual linking, see this article Linking Member Accounts - teamup for full instructions.

We hope this article helped you out, please give us your feedback below and if you need help with something that you can't find in the support centre don't hesitate to contact us using the intercom widget (green button bottom right).

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