BoxMate integrates with teamup to allow members using our app that also have a teamup account to book classes inside the timetable whilst viewing programming instead of having to switch to a web browser to book the classes.

When members sign up for BoxMate for the first time they should use the same email address as their teamup account uses that they should already have created so they can setup memberships etc.

If a member uses a different email address BoxMate will try to match the names from both accounts to make the connection but on some cases due to spelling the connection is not made automatically, in this case follow the steps below to manually link the accounts:

Step 1
Go to Members from the sidebar in the admin application to view a list of all registered BoxMate members at your gym. Anyone not connected will display a greyed out TeamUp logo next to the name with a green connect link, find the person you are looking to connect and click the link. You will be redirected to the TeamUp page.

Step 2
On the TeamUp page we will automatically search for and show you results for the selected members first name, when you see the TeamUp customer you are looking for  click the grey connect now button next to their name and a connection popup will open.

Step 3
Inside the popup the grey dropdown list should already have selected the members name for you (If not simply search it) and all that is left to do now is press connect now to complete the process. This member will now be able to manage class bookings inside the BoxMate app instead of using their website.

We hope this article helped you out, please give us your feedback below and if you need help with something that you can't find in the support centre don't hesitate to contact us using the intercom widget (green button bottom right).

Member Issue - Multiple teamup accounts
If a members is experiencing an issue where they cannot book classes using their membership it is likely that the problem is that they have multiple teamup accounts and their BoxMate account is linked to one of the inactive accounts. You are able to manually rectify the issue in the teamup page of BoxMate, simply select connect now next to the active teamup account that the member uses and has a live membership and this will automatically swap the teamup connection from the inactive account to the active account that they use.

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