With BoxMate you can deliver the programming to your members exactly how you want with it being visible by all as soon as its uploaded or hidden from all members keeping the element of surprise and preventing 'cherry picking' workouts. Here you will learn how to select visibility options and what individual options mean:

Session Options

Session Visible
Choose this option and the second you save the session it will be visible in the members app, any sessions you add will be displayed in advance as the members swipe through the timetable including the session details and all recordable components.

Components Hidden
Choosing this option lets you display only the session details but not the recordable components (Workouts & Exercises). This means you can let them know the intent of the session/tease the movements or maybe just show the warmup - it's completely up to you. The recordable components will become visible depending on your safe display options which we will look at below.

Full Hidden
As it reads - all details and components will be hidden until the safe display time is reached on the session date.

Safe Display Options

There are 3 options along with a Safe Display Time which you can configure by going to Account -> Settings from the sidebar menu.

Default - This option is the default choice and will keep session details/components hidden until 1 second past midnight on the session date.

Day - Use this option to keep session details/components hidden until 1 second past midnight on the day before the session date so essentially releasing sessions 1 full day in advance.

Week - When it hits Monday morning at 1 second past midnight all hidden details for the upcoming week will be available.

Safe Display Time - By default the time is set to 00:00:00, meaning that details are released first thing after midnight, if you want to keep details hidden throughout the day until the last class starts to prevent anybody seeing what's on the menu before class you can change this time to the start time of your last evening class e.g. '19:30:00'. This way of you have 'Default' selected everything will stay hidden until after the last class and if you have 'Day' selected details will remain hidden until 19:00:00 the evening before.

TeamUp Gyms
With the built in TeamUp integration, if a member books a class using TeamUp before the Safe Display Time is met on the session day details will be made visible for them at that point. This allows them log the results straight after the session without waiting until later in the day.

Other Member Activity
With hidden programming, along with session details member scores are hidden from the activity feed so its not possible to accidentally (Or intentionally) stumble upon whats happening in the session...

We hope this article helped you out, please give us your feedback below and if you need help with something that you can't find in the support centre don't hesitate to contact us using the intercom widget (green button bottom right).

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