As a BoxMate Admin/Coach you can link your member account to your admin account so when you are using the members app on your iPhone/Android device you can quickly switch to the the admin dashboard and access programming, members, settings and more all in one place.

Step 1
Go to your admin profile by choosing Administrators from the sidebar menu and selecting your account or click your name in the sidebar menu and choose My Profile.

Step 2
Press the red Member Account Not Linked button to bring up the link selection screen, from here select your member account name from the dropdown box, enter the password for your member account (Not your admin password) and press save.

Step 3
Your account should now be linked and you should see your member profile image and a green account linked button.

Inside the members app you will now see the option to switch to coach/admin dashboard where you will need to login once using your admin account details then you will remain signed in and can quickly switch between views. To go back to the members app bring up the sidebar menu using the menu icon top right and press your profile image/name then hit Back To Members

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