Once you have recorded your scores for your workouts/exercises they are available to view at any point from each individual scores page wether that is for a workout or exercise.

To get to a specific score page e.g. Deadlift you can go to the library tab and search or you can tap through straight from the timetable when it has been programmed in a session. Once on the score page (above left) you can press on View All Scores underneath your personal best and last recorded score to see the My Scores popup (above right).

From here you will be able to see all of your entered scores as well as a graph plotting your scores against the dates that you entered them giving a visual representation of your progress over time. To modify a score swipe left on the item and choose Edit or Delete

Tip: scroll down to the bottom of the my scores popup page to see the average/top male/female scores for the gym

Exercise Extras

On your score page for exercises there are a few little extra features worth taking a look at.

First up is working percentages, on a weight type exercise press the floating Percentage % icon top right of the page to show calculated weights based on various percentages from 95% down to 55% (above right). Want to see what your recorded personal bests are for similar movements? Press View Related Exercises to open the dropdown list

We hope this helped! If you need any more assistance please check out our other help articles but if there's something you cant find get in touch using the support widget (bottom right green button) on our website www.boxmateapp.co.uk 

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