Setting goals in your training plan is absolutely essential. Not only does it let you see how far you’ve come, but it pushes you to keep moving forward.

To set your first goal in BoxMate press Personal Goals from the Home tab, select the Plus Icon top right (above left), then enter the details and save (above right) - that’s is. It’s set in stone and it’s time for you to get working to hit your new goal. Plus you can go back here to check your progress whenever you need a little extra push! To update/remove goals simply swipe left on a goal.

To complete a goal simply swipe right on it and select the date you got the job done! ✅ As with a PR your achievement will be celebrated with some confetti! Time to get that screenshot and shared.

Goal Setting Tips

Give yourself a realistic time frame to work with. Decide how long you will give yourself to work towards shaving a minute off that 1 mile run time and then work damn hard to get there. Having a ‘deadline’ in mind helps with that all important motivation and it will keep you working hard. You’re going to want to really think about things that will help you in this time period too like possibly cutting down on the booze or tweaking your diet to support you with your new goal. 

Finally, use BoxMate! Seriously though, physically inputting your goal and the deadline makes it much harder for you to bend the rules or give yourself the option of backing off when you’ve had a heavy night or a weekend of bad food.

We hope this helped! If you need any more assistance please check out our other help articles but if there's something you cant find get in touch using the support widget (bottom right green button) on this page or on our website 

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