Using the members app we can record scores for our workouts as well as enter scores/sets for exercises too. See below different ways to record each.

Single Scores

You should be recording a single score when you test yourself in a workout or exercise, this could be the daily workout, a benchmark like Fran or a 3RM Push Press.

To get to the score page you need to select the workout or exercise by tapping on it either in the timetable (image above left) when it is programmed for a session or by searching for it in the library (image above right).

Once on the score page (image above left) hit the floating green icon bottom right and this will bring up the add score popup (image above right). From here enter your score and save (see full info for score options and types further on in this article).

Set Recording

Along with recording single scores for exercises you can log complete working sets. When saving your sets BoxMate looks at the reps and weights that you entered and automatically adds any new PRs you may have hit during the sets.

So lets say we are working on Back Squats and want to record all the working sets for a session, go to the score page by tapping through from a session or searching in the library. Then press the floating green plus icon in the bottom right and hit Record Working Sets, this will bring up the add sets popup (image above right). From here use the plus icon to add new sets and enter a single number for reps and weight then save. BoxMate will notify you if you hit any new PRs, clever right?

A recently introduced feature allows for coaches to programme sets with specific percentages which show you your working weights in the timetable and then allow one click recording of sets. If this has been used what you will see in the programming  is all sets listed under the exercise with your working weights and a button Record Working Sets, hit this to open up the add sets popup with your scores prefilled. From there simply edit as necessary if you didn't quite make the weight or did more, add a comment if needed and save. How easy is that!

Score Options

When recording a score you can press Extra Score Options to reveal more advanced settings (image below left). See detailed explanations below:

Score Date - When it was completed, leave blank for today's date to speed things up
Score Comment - Use for how you scaled, how you felt or extra score details like intervals/equipment used then look up next time you repeat
Comment Public - When selected your comment will be visible by other members in the activity feed and also in the leaderboard the score belongs to
Score RX (Workouts Only) - Select this if the workout was completed at the prescribed weight by the coaches as stated in the workout details e.g. 60/40kg Male/Female
RX Plus (Workouts Only) - Select if the workout was completed with a higher weight or more advanced movement than specified, use comments to record details
Score Milliseconds - Use for detailed time recording e.g. rowing/ski erg sprints
Time Over 1 Hour - Use for extremely long workouts where the time is 1 hour plus

Score Types

AMRAP - Enter a single number in both boxes for rounds and reps
REPS - Enter a single number in the boxes for total reps
TIME - Press the input box and select the time from the popup spinner
DURATION - Press the input box and select the time from the popup spinner
EMOM - Record either the completed minute or the total reps, this should have been specified in the workout notes

Obviously when we record we want to be able to check back on entries and monitor progress, see this article to learn all about how to do just that!

We hope this helped! If you need any more assistance please check out our other help articles but if there's something you cant find get in touch using the support widget (bottom right green button) on our website 

Thank You,

Regards Team BoxMate

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