The session builder in BoxMate has been designed to be quick and easy to use with powerful features that don't take a lot of learning. Reading this guide and referring back to it through your first few weeks of programming in BoxMate will ensure that sessions and components are entered in the best way to keep members engaged and logging their results!

To get started, select Session Calendar located under the Programming heading on the left sidebar menu.

Selecting Settings ⚙️

On the calendar click a date that you want to programme a session for and this will open the Session Quick Build popup.

Note: iPad users will need to hit the build session button at the top of the calendar and input the following options on the first settings tab of the session wizard.

Select the programme you are building a session for and the visibility. Click here for a separate article on BoxMate visibility options such as releasing workouts the day before, the morning of or keeping them hidden until after the class.

Providing Details 📝

After entering the settings you will find yourself on the second tab of the wizard titled Details and will be presented with 2 text editors - Session Details and Coaches Corner.

Session Details
The session details are displayed in the members app on the timetable above the recordable components (WOD/Strength - more on these next) and usually include warmup details, skill information, an intent for the session or an overview of the class and how it runs.

Note: This is NOT where the WOD details go (Unless you purposely don't want the workout to be recorded)

Coaches Corner
Here you can add additional notes only visible by other coaches. This ay include a detailed session plan, information about how to help athletes with scaling certain movements or strict instructions not to let people max out! These notes can be pulled up in the members app by linked coaches and added to on the fly. Click here to learn about linking your member/coach accounts.

Adding Components 🏋️‍♀️

Hit next after completing session details to get to the components section, this is where you will dd the recordable elements to the session.

There are 4 options which we will cover in details below "Build New Workout", "Add Existing Workout", "Build New Exercise" and "Add Existing Exercise"

Build New Workout
Use this option to build a brand new workout that doesn't already exist in the default library, this will be for your every day custom programme workouts or maybe for a new Hero/Benchmark workout that you cannot find in the library.

Click Build New Workout and the popup will appear, this is where you add the workout details. For regular day to day programming you don't need to give your workout a name as it will be automatically named based on the selected programme and date e.g. '2018-10-22 (CrossFit)' but if you want to name your workouts enter something in the Workout Name box.

The second option is the workout origin, for daily programming again leave this as 'Programme' but if you are adding a different type of workout simply click the dropdown and select the appropriate option.

The third box Workout Type is the most important as this dictates how the members will be asked to log a score. Click to see the dropdown options with explanations and select the one for your workout.

Once you select a workout type the text editor will be prefilled with a short template which you can either use or delete and start from scratch (Formatting of the workout isn't strict however tidy with not a lot of space is best practice).

Finally we have data tagging, this is optional and very CrossFit orientated. By completing this section the workout will be included in programme analysis allowing you to overview a period of sessions and highlight missing or overused elements in your programming.

Add Existing Workout
The BoxMate library comes packed with over 100 workouts including benchmark girls, open workouts, hero wods and more. Plus, every time you build a new workout as above this saves in the workout library so you can re program at a later date.

Click Add Existing Workout, this will add a blank workout to the components list below and from here hit Click To Select Workout and then search for what you are looking for and simply click it and its added to the session.

Add Existing Exercise
As well as over 100 workouts BoxMate also comes with around 80 default exercises. Everything from squats to cleans, snatches and thrusters.

Click Add Existing Exercise and then on the new components added to the list choose Click To Select Exercise. Search in the box at the top of the popup and then click to add the exercise once you have found the desired variation.

There are 2 ways of describing strength exercises in the sessions, number one is using the notes like in the animation above. Simply add the component to the list, select notes and then write in the box what the members will be doing.

The second option is to add the working sets to the exercise, this way the members will see in the app each set they are going to do with a calculated weight using the specified percentage and their current logged 1RM, 3RM etc.

As we did in the step before, Add Existing Exercise, Click To Select Exercise and then search and choose your exercise. This time instead of instead of adding a note press the orange Add Set button to add the first set to the exercise.

3 boxes will appear for the set, the first 'Reps' is how many reps will be done for this set, second is '%' and is the percentage of the third option 'RM' for this same exercise. So for example if you enter 5 - 75 - 1 members are going to see in the app that set 1 is 5 @ 75% of their latest 1RM Back Squat. For the 'RM' you could choose 5 instead to work off a percentage of their 5RM.

When your first set is filled in simply hit the duplicate button however many times you need to copy and create more sets, this way you can update just the percentages if needed or leave them the same for a number of sets at the same weight.

Build New Exercise
Although the exercise library has a good number of exercises there will likely be a time you want to add a strength/skill exercise that isnt listed, either a new Rep Max variation or a completely new exercise. This needs to be done correct to keep members scores all nice and tidy in the right place so take a look at the instructions carefully.

So hit Build New Exercise and you will be given a popup box to enter details. First choose the exercise name, then the origin (It's Category) and finally the type (How it will be recorded against). You can add anything here that can be recorded by the specified types, there are no restrictions!

If you choose the type 'Weight' you will be given another box to enter the rep count.  Regardless of wether you are building a new variation of an existing strength exercise or a completely new strength exercise DO NOT enter a rep count in the workout name. E.g if you want to add 'Front Squat - 9RM' fpr members to log you should use the name 'Front Squat' and from the type options choose 'Weight' and enter '9' in the rep count box that appears underneath.

Programming Tips

Reordering and removing components
Click and hold on the green Workout/Exercise name with the arrows symbol to drag and reorder the list.

Quick Programming
If you are inputting a number of days worth of sessions for the same programme save some time by using the Quick button in the bottom right of the wizard instead of Finish. This way instead of going back to the calendar and starting from scratch it will save the current session and jump straight into a wizard for the next day with the same session visibility and programme already selected.

Repeating Workouts
Looking for something you have previously build but didn't give it a name/can't remember? Go to the workout library from Sidebar Menu -> Library -> Workouts and find a specific workout using filters or by searching the workout description for movements etc. Once you have the WOD you want to programme click the Build button to the right of the list to open a session wizard and complete the rest of the session details before saving.

Duplicating Sessions
If you would like to duplicate a previous session you have created within BoxMate, Go to your session calendar (as shown earlier in the article) select the Session Preview of the session you want to duplicate and click the green 'Duplicate' button. This opens up a pop up asking you which date you would like the session to be duplicated to, once the date has been selected and you click the green 'Duplicate' button then your session will have successfully been duplicated to your selected date. Once duplicated you still have the ability to edit to the session as you normally would when creating one from scratch. 

So that was a pretty long one right? Don't worry we aren't expecting you to absorb it all in one go but please do get it bookmarked and use as a reference when you are struggling 📚

Happy Programming!

Team BoxMate

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