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You should have received an email containing login details for admin.boxmateapp.co.uk where you will manage your programming, members and much more. Follow the link and login now if you haven't already!

This guide will get you started with BoxMate and help you setup and learn a few things before scheduling your 30 Minute Onboarding Call.

Note: This guide is intended only for the first initial setup of BoxMate by the person who registers the gym to use BoxMate which is usually the owner/head coach.

Connecting TeamUp

First up is for TeamUp gyms only so please skip if you don't use this for your member management/class booking system.

From any page in BoxMate hover over the left sidebar and go to Integrations -> TeamUp. You will immediately be met with a popup asking you to connect your teamup account so click the pink Continue button to be redirected to their website.

When you arrive on the TeamUp website you will need to login (Unless you have logged in recently on this computer). The site will ask you to authorise BoxMate and here you must select the business profile NOT the personal profile if there are more than one. Once selected press Authorise to be redirected back to BoxMate.

You will know your connection is complete if from the TeamUp page back in BoxMate you can search for a customer in the list. Not to worry if you don't have any customers yet, we can check everything out in the setup call.


Our BoxMate Learn series is a detailed set of video tutorials for programming covering everything to do with building sessions, workouts and exercises.

Before your on boarding call we advise you watching the entire series of 1-2 minute videos and follow along entering some sample programming or even your upcoming sessions for us to review on the on boarding call.

You will see there is some sample programming in there for you already to take a look at in the coaches area and the members app.

Access the BoxMate Learn tutorials by clicking here.

Members' App

Along with your coach account you already have a linked member account setup with the same login details. Be sure to download the members app to your phone (Search 'BoxMate' on the app store) and go through the welcome tutorial in the app.

It's a good idea at this point to have a play with the app and log some scores for the sample programming, maybe even get some benchmark scores/lifting PRs in there too to start off the activity feed 💪🏼


In the admin area if you go to Account->Resources you will see we have created custom branded graphics for you to use when promoting BoxMate. Feel free to use these to create excitement about the launch and then when you roll out to members.

Once you have completed the above, your next step is to schedule a 30 minute on-boarding call by clicking here. During the call we will review any programming that you have entered, take a look at configuration options and also talk about member engagement features as well an answering any questions you have.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!

Team BoxMate

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