If you own an existing MyZone belt and use it either through your gym for use with the TV monitors or just as an individual through the app you can now connect your account to BoxMate and log HR data with your workout scores and status updates.

If you don't have a belt yet you can purchase one through the app using either ours or your gyms linked discount code, simply go to settings from the home tab, scroll down to MyZone and follow the link to order your belt.

Connecting your account 🔑

First we need to make a secure connection between MyZone and BoxMate. To start this process go to settings (Top right button) from the home tab then scroll down to MyZone and hit Connect Now.

After hitting connect you will be taken out of BoxMate to your internet browser temporarily and asked to sign in using your MyZone account details. Do this and press submit to be taken back to BoxMate where your account will then be successfully linked and ready to go!

Logging Move Data 💓

Now your account is linked you can add your recorded move data from your belt to your BoxMate workout scores. This means the activity feed will show your score along with how hard you worked, calories burned etc and allows you to look back next tine you repeat a workout to compare effort zones as well as scores 📈

To add a move with a workout score simply hit the new Select Move button either when you are logging a workout score or adding a status update! Once saved the move data will be visible for everyone to see with your score in activity and for yourself in recent scores on the home tab 💪

We can't wait to see your training move to the next level with MyZone and BoxMate together! Remember use the in app link to purchase your belt with discount and for more information on MyZone visit https://myzone.org

Regards Team BoxMate!

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