BoxMate integrates with TeamUp allowing you to manage your class bookings and event registrations and even memberships inside the BoxMate app.

Connecting TeamUp

When you first open the app you will be prompted to connect your TeamUp account to your BoxMate member account.

Click Connect TeamUp from the popup to be redirected to the TeamUp website where you will enter your TeamUp Customer Account details to login and then select your profile before hitting authorise.

*IMPORTANT* - If you are a family account manager or member it is the Family Managers account that needs to be used to login and authorise in the BoxMate app, read the family 

Finally you will be returned to the BoxMate app where connection will be confirmed and the app will automatically refresh to complete the authorisation.

Important: when you get to the TeamUp website, you need to enter your TeamUp Account Details, not your BoxMate ones.

Family Accounts

If you are a manager of a TeamUp family account it is your account that will be needed to authorise in ALL family members BoxMate accounts.

Once this is done you can switch the TeamUp customer to act as in the BoxMate app from either the timetable or the My TeamUp page on the home tab.

Note: The app will save your selection of the member to control so remember to check which account you are in control of before booking or cancelling any classes.

Booking & Cancelling Classes

To book and cancel classes simply navigate to the timetable tab, scroll down to below the session details and hit the Book button to join a class or Cancel to leave.

If you cancel a class after the cancellation deadline it will be classed as a late cancel and depending on your gyms TeamUp settings may still count as usage from your membership (Contact your coach for more information).

Class Waitlists

If a class is full you may have the option to join a waitlist. You will then be notified when a spot becomes available and is assigned to you.

Note: If you leave a waitlist and then re-join you will join the back of the queue.

When you receive your waitlist accept notification you will either be automatically added to the class or you will be required to open the notification and continue with the class booking. Alternatively, you can just go to the timetable and accept the spot from the classes list.

Some classes that are outside of your membership or require additional payment on top of your current active membership may offer a paid drop in option.

You can choose purchase drop in to make a one time payment* and attend the class.

*Remember to always read all the information on the purchase page before finalising the purchase.

Membership Purchases

There may be instances where you attempt to book a class and are displayed with Purchase Is Required. If this happens you will be shown a list of all memberships available and the price which you can tap to initiate the purchase.

Make sure the membership covers the class you want to book beforehand by pressing the info icon and checking your class is listed.

If you have not yet got payment details setup through TeamUp you will be asked to complete this first. On successful completion of the purchase*, you will be directed back to BoxMate where you can book the class.

*Remember to always read all the information on the purchase page before finalising the purchase.

My TeamUp Page

The My TeamUp page can be accessed from the home tab and shows you information about your connected account as well as letting you view/manage upcoming and past bookings. You can also view your attendance statistics and memberships details.

Logging Prompt & Reminders

BoxMate will remind you to log your score 1 hour after your class finishes if you haven't opened the app yet. On opening the app you will see the quick score log popup where you can quickly add scores without going to the timetable.

Note: You can disable reminders and logging prompt in the settings page by pressing the settings icon top right of the Home tab.


Cannot Book Class - Purchase Is Required 

Check that you have the correct membership on your account that allows the class you are trying to book by logging in to the TeamUp website or using their app. You may have hit the class limit on your account in which case you can purchase an additional drop in or upgrade your membership. Remember to always read all the information on the purchase page.

Cannot Book Class - Maximum Registrations

If you are seeing this message then you may have reached the daily limit for the class type that you are trying to book. It is important to note that if you have late cancelled a class with a limit of 1 booking per day and you try to book a later class you will not be allowed as your late cancellation registration is still counted even when you leave the class to free up space.

No Associated Customers With This Gym

This error means you have been able to authorise with a valid TeamUp account but the account used is not linked to your BoxMate gym. This usually means that you are using the wrong TeamUp account you may have created at a different time maybe at another gym or for a competition/event purchase.

This could also be because you are part of a family account as a member and did not use the managers account to authorise BoxMate as stated above under Family Accounts.

To fix this, go to the My TeamUp page from the home tab, scroll to the bottom and hit Re Authorise TeamUp and login with the account which has a live membership at your BoxMate gym.

Note: You may already be logged into the TeamUp website in your browser with this incorrect account, to logout, open your browser on the phone and go to then use the menu icon top right and logout before following the above steps.

Cannot See Classes/Account Information - Anything Else

If you are struggling with anything that is not listed above you should try to reconnect your account. You can do this by going to the My TeamUp page from the home tab, scrolling to the bottom and hitting Re Authorise TeamUp.

We hope this article covers everything regarding the TeamUp integration in BoxMate but if there is anything else we can help with please contact us using the support widget bottom right of this page.

Cannot Log Score After Session

Classes need to be booked using the BoxMate app to enable the early unlock functionality for hidden sessions. Make sure you book your classes through the BoxMate timetable tab.

If you are having problems with anything that is not covered in this article please contact us using the green widget bottom right of this page or our website 😎

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Regards Team BoxMate!

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