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TeamUp Troubleshooting

How to diagnose and resolve issues with connecting your TeamUp account.

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This article is to help you fix your connection between BoxMate & TeamUp if you are having issues after/during authorising.

This update completely replaced the old method of booking classes with TeamUp so ALL users have to authorise now from the BoxMate members app to allow access.

Scenario 1: "Oops... it seems like you have authorised the wrong TeamUp account"

Okay so what has likely happened here is you have signed in and authorised TeamUp with an old/alternative TeamUp account that is not associated with your current gym.

The warning message will tell you which account you used and what gyms it is associated with. To further confirm this, go to the home tab in the BoxMate app, select My TeamUp and then tap the orange "Support" button and see if the name of your current gym is in the list along with your name. If it isn't and doesn't have the pink tick (Below), you have indeed authorised with the wrong account.


To re authorise with the correct account first you need to logout of TeamUp on the default web browser on your phone otherwise BoxMate will automatically use the same one again and keep sending you around in circles.Β 

To do this, go to and from the menu bar select logout. Here you will also see the list of gyms associated with the account you are logged into.

At this point we are ready to authorise BoxMate again. Open the BoxMate app and from the home tab select My TeamUp. On this page underneath the big TeamUp logo select 'Re Authorise' and you will be taken to the TeamUp website where you need to login again.

At the login page you need to now login using the email address and password for your TeamUp account that is registered with your current gym.

If you don't know what this is then you can ask a coach to check for you. Click authorise and wait to be directed back to BoxMate where your account should now be connected correctly.

If you have connected the correct account you will now be able to view and book classes as well as viewing other information from your TeamUp account in the My TeamUp page.

If you are still struggling with TeamUp connection please contact us using the support widget bottom right of this page or through the app 😎

Thank you,

Team BoxMate!

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