It's undeniable that the situation isn't ideal for us in this industry right now with gyms / boxes told to officially close their doors and social distancing measures being ramped up, so we're stepping in with some ideas for how to keep that motivation and communication going. 

People have pulled together to show their support by pledging to stand behind their gym/ box and keep their memberships even though for the time being they cannot train inside the 4 walls and we know that so many coaches have been working around the clock to bring training to their members at home with home programming and lending out equipment to their members.

If you are reading this you are probably a Box Owner/Coach who already has BoxMate, so this article is designed to give you some tips for how to really utilise the platform right now more than ever to keep in contact with members and make sure they remain engaged and motivated. 

We've attached links throughout to our video tutorials for how to use various features so make sure to check them out if you're not sure how to use them. 

Delivering Information

It goes without saying that you'll need to keep your members in the loop as updates on COVID-19 keep getting rolled out every day.  Nudges to send a quick one way notification to all members or an individual member will be so useful to you right now to keep your members informed. If you're wanting to give members a more lengthy piece of information, Box News is ideal - here you can include links and images too your members have the ability to react and comment on what you've said.

Getting Feedback

We're all a little out of our comfort zone right now with home programming in full force for probably the first time for many boxes. The Question feature is a way for you to get instant feedback on the way the new style of training is going for them and use it to constantly improve. You can ask members what they want to see more of, how they're finding the sessions so far, if they want more intensity and so on. We know you'll be wanting to be able to challenge your members while they're at home so getting feedback on how it's going will be essential right now. With questions answers can be anonymous if you want really honest feedback too. 

Programming Home WODs

Many gyms have already created a new programme like 'HomeWOD' and have been delivering workouts that can be done away from the gym with the ability to keep members logging scores, track progress and interacting with each other. Here's a few tips to make this even easier for your members during these uncertain times.

Tip 1)
Temporarily stop hiding the programming - we wan't everyone involved (read on for how to do this if you're not sure).
Tip 1)
Make the workouts easy to log and record, keep that friendly competition up
Tip 2) Set your new home workout programme as primary by going to Programming->Programmes then editing the new programme and updating to primary so this shows up first for members. 

If you haven't yet setup a new programme click here to see how to do this easily. 

If you currently hide your programming here's how to change it:

When building a session choose 'Session Visible' so that it is visible as soon as you save. Then go to Account->Settings and update safe display time to 'Default' and set the time to '00:00:00'. This is only a suggestion, you may still want to keep a session hidden until the morning of the session in this case you change the safe display as above but still select 'Session Hidden' when building your session.

Exercise/Workout Videos

With home programming, coaches are going to have to get creative with exploring new movements that can be done from living rooms or spaces at home. It will really help to add a video movements for the members to watch before getting stuck in to keep them safe and so you make sure the workouts are effective. 

You have 2 ways of doing this:

  1.  Upload your workout videos to youtube/ instagram and then add the links with our adding links feature. 

  2.  Assign a single video to a workout or exercise using the custom media feature inside the app. 

Announce Programming

None of us yet know how long this closure is going to be in effect for and it's so important we can keep our members excited about their home workouts and actively exercising and tracking their workouts from home. So make sure to announce it to your members and notify them when programming is live. 

When you have uploaded some sessions announce it via notification to pull them into the app and get them commenting on the workouts they like the look of. Click here to learn how!

Facelift Update

Today we quickly finalised and published an update to the admin area which includes the following:

  • New quick actions in the members list (Nudges/Suspensions)

  • Updated statistics page accessible from Members->Statistics

  • Dedicated Learn tutorial page with 15 details instructional videos

  • 6 brand new Learn tutorials (Snippets, Links, Announce Programming and more)

Right now we are full speed ahead on developing the platform and will be bringing forward some very exciting features that will help engage and improve your members experience during this strange time. 

Despite the stress many of us are feeling there is an overwhelming amount of positive energy throughout our community. The attitude and sense of 'we're in this together' that has come from the CrossFit Community has been truly heart warming and we should all hold on to that! 

Please do get in touch using if you have any suggestions or ideas of what may help you out from a BoxMate point of view. I will do absolutely everything I can to help gym owners and their members to get through these unsettling times. Thank you once again for your continued support - it really does mean so much to me to have you standing by me! 

Love and High 5s to everyone -  Danny.

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