PT in BoxMate is here, well... it's not 100% finished yet but we think you are going to like what you can do and we will continuously be working to add new features and improve the functionality before it's full release so we need your testing and feedback.

We shifted all our development at the start of COVID-19 to features we think that will help you keep members engaged and retain them as clients offering more value. through personal programming in this case. BoxMate PT is free to use for now through the COVID-19 period but will be released in full as part of the premium BoxMate PLUS tier launching later this year which includes PT/Competitions/Custom Gym Branding for the app and more. Click here to learn about PLUS.

So back to PT, here's how it works (UPDATED). When subscribing to BoxMate PLUS there are options for 2/5 PT Passes (Contact For More) which are applied to coach accounts enabling access to PT Features.

PT Dashboard

Meet your PT dashboard, this is where you will view and manage programming for all your clients. Here you can add and view sessions with scores, feedback and chat with your client using comments. You can also as the PT view and add personal goals, send nudges, search all members previous records and view client stats.


This list shows your clients, click the plus icon to add a client (Who must have an active member account in BoxMate). Click the nudge icon to send a nudge to your client or to view their sessions in the calendar click the name and to remove the client click 'Remove'.

When you remove a client you are not removing the member from BoxMate just as a PT client linked to you so they will only disappear from the list and calendar.

The Calendar

The calendar shows all client sessions by default and you can filter to an individual by selecting the members name from the previous list we looked at above. You can then switch back to view all by clicking 'All Clients' at the top of the calendar.

Sessions are colour coded so you can see what sessions have been completed (Green Fill) or are still pending (Green Outline). Sessions that have passed and not been marked as complete show as an orange outline.

Navigate the calendar just like you do in standard sessions using the left and right arrows to move through dates and click inside a session date with a client selected to start building a session or click Weeks to head to the new side by side daily view for programming this clients sessions. You will notice in the session builder there are no coaches notes and the programme selection is fixed as we are building for an individual member instead.

Announce Sessions

Click 'Announce' at the top of the calendar to notify the client/member about their new sessions, you can enter a custom message or use the default. This will open the app for them on the sessions list (See Below) and they can easily swipe to view the session in the timetable and log scores exactly as they would for gym programmes. Absolutely no learning curve here 🤜🏼

Session Preview

Clicking a session brings up the session preview where you can see what you programmed and what scores/sets were logged in this session.

Session Review & Chat

Members log scores in the app, mark sessions as complete and provide feedback (If they want to). When they complete you will be notified so you can jump on and check their scores and review their feedback. You can add comments to the session to chat back and forth between you and the member. This won't be seen by other members.

Client PT Stats *NEW*

See how your client is sticking to the programming and using the feedback/completion features. Help them stay accountable and push for feedback to constantly improve programming.

Client Progress *NEW*

Get complete access to ALL members logged records by simply searching for a workout/exercise. View all scores/sets recorded with an overtime progress graph.

This feature will be invaluable in helping you programme for your client and identify their weak areas.

Client Goals

Check what your clients current goals are and help them achieve them through your programming or set a new goal for them yourself.

Members will receive a request to accept your new goal and then you can both view the progress/target dates in BoxMate.

PT In The Members App

Where the activity tab used to be the member will see the new programmes tab, tapping this and then selecting 'Personal' at the top will display their personal sessions. This includes PT and any that they may have written themselves, as you will see PT sessions show the coach name and also wether it has been marked complete. Swiping right on a session opens the timetable on that session (See below)

As you can see, the exact same display as box programming however instead of the TeamUp classes being displayed below there is the option to mark the session complete and view the comments.

So there we go... all your PT programming in BoxMate, the system you already know how to use and spend time on daily. This is version 1 and there will be many feature additions before the full release. Please send us your feedback or report any issues to

Thanks Guys!

Danny (Owner & Developer)

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