Welcome to BoxMate! We are excited to bring The Athlete Programme and the awesome programming to our platform. This guide explains how it will work for you as a user and help guide you if you are having any issues 🤜🏼

Also, check out this walkthrough video from Coach Rob Walker!

Overview/Getting Started 🤚🏼

Your membership subscription and payments are handled by TeamUp and your purchase and set these up through The Athlete Programme page on the TeamUp website here: https://goteamup.com/p/3718706-the-athlete-program/memberships/

Here you will either create a new account for TeamUp or login using an existing one and sign up to The Athlete Programme before purchasing a membership.

Once you have your membership purchased and TeamUp account setup you need to download BoxMate from the app store (Search 'boxmate' on iPhone or Android). Once downloaded open the app, hit register, enter your details and select The Athlete Programme from the select your gym list. At this point, you should see 'Your account has been auto-approved' and will now be able to hit login, enter your details that you just entered and login to the app.

Important - You MUST use the same email address from your TeamUp account that is registered with The Athlete Programme so that BoxMate can automatically approve your account and provide access.

Accessing Your Programming 🗓

Now your accounts are set up there is one final step which is to link the 2 together, on first opening BoxMate you will be prompted to Authorise TeamUp. Follow this link which will redirect to TeamUp in the browser and ask you to authorise, select your profile, tap Authorise and you will be taken back to BoxMate and presented with a success message! 🎉

That's it! The above only needs to be done once so you are now good to go. You can now head to the timetable tab to view your programming. By tapping the arrow next to the programme name you can switch programmes between the ones you have access to.

Tip: From the Home tab, hit the settings icon top right and scroll down to default programme, select your default and save - this will now show a daily WOD preview on the home tab and show first in the timetable when you open it (Watch Video)

Using BoxMate 📲

When you log in and as you navigate between areas you will see the little help icons, these popup and open instructions/tips for that particular area. Take a look at some of these and have a quick read!

If you want to become a BoxMate professional or are struggling with something check out our detailed member handbook here.

Finally, we are slowly putting together a series of How Do I? videos in an online series, you can check these out here on youtube for quick 10/20 second instructional videos talking you through our app and its features.

Troubleshooting ⁉️

Situation: I cannot see my programming!

Solution: In the timetable tab, tap the arrow next to the programme name and select your programme - hit the thumb icon to set as default too.

Situation: I dismissed the TeamUp authorise notification and can't authorise!

Solution: Head to the home tab and tap the MyTeamUp tile where you will find an authorise link.

Situation: I cannot see any programmes in the timetable tab!

Solution: Head to the MyTeamUp tile from the home tab band scroll down to memberships, under active you should see the name of your membership here which ties in with a BoxMate programme. If this is empty or something you think you should have is missing, login to your TeamUp account at www.goteamup.com and check your membership status or contact The Athlete Programme to discuss your membership.

Situation: After authorising BoxMate says I am not connected to the correct gym and fails.

Solution: Outside of BoxMate go to your web browser and go to www.goteamup.com then from the menu select log out so you are no longer signed into TeamUp. Now, open BoxMate to try the authorisation again and when asked to log in to TeamUp make sure you use your customer account which is associated with The Athlete Programme.

Situation: I cannot register for a BoxMate account using my TeamUp email because I am registered with BoxMate at another gym.

Solution 1: Register for BoxMate using a separate email address and you will be registered as a pending member needing approval because the auto-approval will fail with it not being the TeamUp Email. Contact The Athlete Programme and ask for your account to be manually approved giving you access. When approved you can still then use your TeamUp email for The Athlete Programme to authorise.

Solution 2: Log in to your current BoxMate account and update the email address to another you have. Then logout and register for The Athlete Programme using the TeamUp email so your account can be auto-approved.

Multiple Accounts

Right now BoxMate only supports your account being associated with a single gym, in an update (Dropping really soon) we will support multiple gyms so you will be able to use the app and quickly switch between approved gyms. For now, what you will need to do is be logged in to the app with one account (Your local gym for example) and then be logged in to The Athlete Programme account in your browser (Or the other way around) if you don't want to logout/login each time.

We hope you enjoy using BoxMate to access your awesome programming from The Athlete Programme! If you require further support head to the website www.boxmateapp.co.uk/Support and view the articles/videos or send us a message 😎

Regards, Team BoxMate 💪🏼

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