The marketplace in BoxMate allows you to purchase 3rd party programming for your gym and automatically download sessions into your calendar saving you the job of designing and uploading your own programmes.

Once sessions are synced to your calendar they are yours so if you need to make any small modifications like replacing a piece of equipment you don't have, changing the rep ranges or weights in certain workouts to accommodate your members or adding a little extra to some sessions you can do this. Simply edit the sessions as you would your own in the session calendar or weeks view.

Viewing Programmes

Head to the marketplace in the sidebar under Programming -> Marketplace, here you will see listed all the available programmes and options.

Watch Video - Check out the promotional video for the programming and learn about what the programme has to offer.

View Sample Session - Click to view a selected sample session popup from this programme to give an idea of the format of sessions and workouts.

More Info - A programme may have an external link to a website with more info

Contact - Send an email to the programme provider to ask any questions

Signing Up

To sign up to a programme click the 'Sign Up' button with the subscription price and select the subscription type (Monthly/Annual), enter a discount code if you have one and then press 'Purchase Programme'.


You will be redirected to set up a direct debit with GoCardless and then sent back to BoxMate and your subscription confirmed. If the programme came with a free trial period you can now go to the session calendar and sync any sessions between now and that trial end date which will also be the first payment date. If there was no free trial your first payment will be taken straight away and you will have full access to all programmed sessions.

Managing Your Subscription

To view previous charges, subscription details and cancel click manage on the programme in the marketplace. This will bring up your current subscription details.

When you cancel, this removes the subscription from our system and stop the scheduled payments however you may still want to cancel the direct debit with your bank.

Downloading Sessions

To download sessions from your purchased programme head to the session calendar in the sidebar under Programming -> Session Calendar. From here you will see a new 'Sync' button, click this to bring up the popup.

Option 1 (Programming Source) - Select 'Download From Marketplace'

Option 2 (Target Programme) - Select the programme in your BoxMate account that you want to download sessions into.

Option 3 (Purchased Programme) - Select the programme you have purchased to download from.

Start Date - The start date you want to build sessions for in your calendar

End Date - The end date for the period (e.g end of week/end of month)

Session Offset

How many weeks behind the purchased programme you want to run.

Important - The dates that you select refer to the sessions you are wanting to build in your calendar. If you select no offset the sessions will be copied from the same dates in the target programming.

Example - To run 2 weeks behind your purchased programme and download sessions for the upcoming week select the start date as next Monday and end date as Friday/Sunday. Then choose the 2 weeks offset to build sessions in your calendar starting Monday but from 2 weeks ago in the programme.

Sessions Preview

As you select/update dates and the offset you will see a preview of the sessions that are available based on the options you have selected. The dates shown in the session preview are from the source programme. If you select an offset dates will be built in your calendar taking that into account.

Modifying Sessions

Once downloaded simply click a session to edit as you would your own programming. If you accidentally selected the wrong dates to sync you can multiple select in the session calendar and delete then re-download.

For further support contact us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner of your coaches area or email us using


Team BoxMate

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