Where members used to have to email us directly to request a gym transfer, as of a recent update members are now able to request their own transfer through the member's app.

Please note that this article covers requesting a gym transfer when you still have access to the app. If your account has been suspended and you no longer have access please send an email to support@boxmateapp.co.uk from your BoxMate registered email address with:

  • Your name

  • The name of the gym your account is currently registered to

  • The name of the gym you would like your account transferring to

Then we will be able to put in a manual transfer request on your behalf.

Still have access to the app?

Head over to the Settings from the home screen of your app (see image below)

Once on the settings page scroll down until you see "Gym Transfer" and click "Select Gym". Either type in the search bar or manually scroll until you find the gym you are looking for. Once found click on the gym to send a transfer request. (see images below)

After sending a transfer request you will see pending requests under the "Request Transfer" of your settings.

Selected the wrong gym or no longer need the transfer? Simply click on the pending request to delete it. (see images below)

Once you have sent the transfer request the next step is waiting for one of the coaches at your new gym to approve your account.

After being approved you'll receive a notification (see image below) and then next time you open up the BoxMate app you will see that the change has taken effect.

Wanting to add a second gym to your account?

If you train at multiple gyms and would like to have more than one gym associated with your account please refer to our "Away Box" article to learn how to add another gym.

We hope this article helped you with what you were looking for. If you require assistance with anything please send an email to support@boxmateapp.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP!

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