Have memberships and train and multiple gyms? Now with the use of our feature "Away Box", you can add access to more than one gym from your BoxMate account.

Adding An Away Box

To add an away box to your account head over to the settings from your homepage (see image below).

Once in the settings scroll down to "Away Box" and select "Add New" Either type in the search bar or manually scroll until you find the gym you are looking for. Once found click on the gym to send an Away Box request. (see images below)

Once you have sent the Away Box request the next step is waiting for one of the coaches at your new gym to approve your account. (Taking a while, send them a friendly message as a reminder!)

After being approved you'll receive a notification and email (see image below) and now the next time you open up BoxMate you will be able to switch back and forth between gyms.

You can add as many Away Boxes as you have active memberships by repeating the process listed in this article.

Switching Between Gyms

Now that you have added an Away Box you may wonder how to switch between gyms when required?

The simplest way is to click and hold the BoxMate logo at the top of your Home screen to bring up Away Box Gym Selector and tapping on the gym you would like to take control of (See images below)

It is worth noting here that you can quickly add more away gyms from this selector by simply clicking the green "ADD NEW BOX" button at the bottom of the pop-up.

The other way to switch would be to head back over to the options scroll down to "Away Box" and select "My Gyms" (see image below) to bring up the same gym selector shown above.

So that's Away Box, we hope this guide gave you everything you needed to know but if you do require assistance with anything please send an email to support@boxmateapp.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP!

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