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Getting on The Latest Version of BoxMate
Getting on The Latest Version of BoxMate

Fix bugs / issues from earlier versions of the new app - including an issue with booking/ cancelling classes.

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Get on the latest version of the BoxMate Member app in 2 Simple Steps to fix bugs/ issues from earlier versions.

This upgrade will fix any class booking/ cancelling issues you may have been experiencing on an older version of the upgrade.

Step 1 - Check you are on the Newest Version of 'BoxMate Member'

Go to your phones' App Store and search 'BoxMate Member'.

Check here to see if you are on the latest version of the app. How will you know this? If there are updates available it will say 'Update'. If you are on the latest version already it will say 'Open'.

The older version of the app called just 'BoxMate' is still on the app store for now, so it's important you have downloaded the newest version - BoxMate Member - and also checked you are on the latest version by checking for for any updates that are there in the App Store.

Step 2 - Now Check For Updates In App

Login to your BoxMate Member app and tap the burger menu in the top left.

Next - tap 'Support' and then scroll down and click - 'Check for Updates' - tap yes to allow any updates that are waiting. If you are already on the latest version you will see a pop up letting you know there are no updates available.

That's all done! You are now using the latest version of BoxMate and you have upgraded to the newest fixes too - you should no longer have any issues with booking/ cancelling your classes.

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