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The following article requires you to have an active BoxMate gym account, if you do not yet have one click here to register for your free 30 day trial.

To download CAP onto your BoxMate head to Programming then Marketplace from the sidebar menu in your Admin Area.

Click 'More info and purchase' and you'll be taken through to the full programme page where you can see more information about what to expect from CAP as well as contact information.

Next, click 'Sign up now' which will open up a pop up with information about the service fee and the verification process and ask you to click to continue.

Once you click 'continue' this will open up a pre-filled email which you simply need to press to send. That email will arrive with us and from here we can confirm your affiliation is active and give you access to CAP programming. The £10 service charge will be automatically billed by us monthly.

Once you have been approved you will receive a confirmation email and now it's time to download the programming to your calendar! You can do this from the monthly calendar view or the weeks' view. Weeks' view will allow you to preview before you download so we will take a look at this option here.

From the sidebar menu head to weeks. Across the top click 'downloads' and here you will see the multiple 'tracks' CAP offers.

So you simply click the track you want to view and this will input a preview of that week right into your weekly calendar. Once you're ready to download you can click 'download week' at the bottom of any session day. You can make edits to the programming when it's downloaded.

Once you click to download, the pop-up will give you a few more options of where and when you want to download the programming.

It will pre-fill the date as the week you are currently on, and the programme you are on too, but you can change the programme you are downloading to and the date here. Clicking next week will input the programming into the following week ahead starting on Monday.

You can also choose to offset the programming - this simply means you can run the programming behind the released programming by 1-4 weeks rather than the same week it is released. Once you've filled in the information in the pop up, simply click 'download' and the programming will be filled into the week you have chosen.Now, you can click to make any tweaks or edits that you want to.

If you want to cancel your subscription, back on the Marketplace area for CAP click 'Manage subscription' in the top right. Here you can click cancel your subscription.

And that's how to subscribe and download CAP to BoxMate!

Thanks guys!

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