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Programme supersets for your members

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Programming Supersets inside BoxMate is really simple. So let's take a look. In this example we will superset Deadlifts with a Clean Pull.

Simply search for the first exercise in your superset by clicking the search icon and add it into your session as you normally would. Then, add sets and percentages as you normally would by clicking the blue sets button and building your sets.

In the example here we are doing a set of 3 x Deadlifts starting at 80% of our 3RM and increasing by 5% each set.

Now, add in the second exercise of the superset. Here we will add in 3 sets of Clean Pulls. So, your session will now be looking like this in the screenshot below:

Now, on the first exercise in the superset (in our example this is the Deadlift) - click the red component icon next to the blue sets icon which will bring up the pop up below. Simply toggle 'Yes' on the 'superset with following exercise' option and 'Update Component' and this will now link the two exercises for you.

Now this will show like this in your session:

For your members, when they open up the app to log their scores for their superset, they will be able to clearly see that this is a superset and switch easily between the two exercises as they add their score for each set.

So, they can enter their weight for their first set of deadlifts, minimise that pop up by clicking the orange minimise icon. Open up the Clean Pull exercise, enter their first set and minimise and then head back to Deadlift and enter their score for their second set.

Once they have started logging sets, the score button will turn orange to show them there is a set in progress of being logged.

Once all the sets scores are in across both exercises, members will simply save the sets as usual and enjoy their usual confetti screen!

And that's how to programme supersets inside BoxMate.

Thanks! Team BoxMate

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