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A detailed guide for using your Personal Training / PT Dashboard as part of BoxMate PLUS

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How to use Personal Programming as a coach from your Laptop and Phone.

As a PLUS user you have access to Personal Training within BoxMate. PT is individual programming between one coach and their clients.

You and 4 other coaches will have access the PT dashboard with a PT pass.

No one else can see the programming for this client (even other coaches who have PT passes) and only their PRs will show on the main gym activity feed (unless this has been ticked to remain private).

You can see in the screenshot below an example of what the PT dashboard would look like when you have clients with programming in for the month.

Giving Coaches PT Access

To give one of your coach access to their own PT dashboard, you just need to apply a PT pass to their account.

From the Administrators section on the sidebar menu, find the coach you are looking for and then click the 3 dots next to their name and 'Apply PT pass'. This coach will now have their own PT dashboard unlocked where they can add, manage and programme for their own clients. You will clearly see the PT Pass symbol next to any coach in your admin list who has this pass, and if you need to remove the pass, simply click the 3 dots again and 'remove pt pass'.

Adding Clients to Your PT Dashboard

Head to Programming > Personal (PT) from the sidebar menu to find your own PT Dashboard and calendar.

Now, it's time to start adding clients and building their sessions. This calendar will only show you your own clients - each coach with PT access will have their own calendar with their own clients on. If you are the root/ main admin, you can also transfer clients between your coaches if you need to but other coaches cannot do this.

So, to add a client click on 'Manage Clients' and then from the client list screen 'Add New'.

From the pop up, select the member you are adding to PT and then you can choose a colour for them to help each client stand out on your calendar before clicking 'add client'. You can add as many clients as you want this way.

You can also add brand new clients to your BoxMate account who are classed as PT only if they're not already a member of the gym.

If you have a few clients who don't actually pay to be a part of the main gym but still come along to PT sessions, they can still be added to BoxMate and follow PT programming.

To do this, head to your Members list (Members > Members List) and click 'Add Member' in the top right.

Then from the pop-up, fill in the member details and then click 'Only allow member access to PT programming before adding the member'.

This means they won't have access to any other gym programming but you can still programme for them in the PT area. This is ideal if they aren't paying a full membership and you don't need or want them to view the other programming on offer at the gym.

Back on the PT Dashboard, once you've added the clients you need to, click 'PT dashboard to go back to the main PT dashboard area.

Now, you can start to build sessions for each of your clients.

You can either build sessions from here, or, if you already have a block of sessions pre-made, you can assign them to a client.

Building Programming for PT Clients (From PT Dashboard)

We will take a look at building sessions here first. So, select the client you need from the drop down.

Once your client is selected click 'weeks' across the top which will bring up the week's view programme builder for the client, and here you can programme a full week of sessions side by side for the client as you would with your normal programming.

You can then choose a different client from the dropdown and programme a week for them too. If you want to programme this same week for a different client, you can click 'Actions' and duplicate week.

From the pop up, simply select the client you want to duplicate this week of programming for, which date you want it to start, choose 'Re-create workouts' to make sure brand new workouts are created for the new client and then click 'duplicate'. If you want to duplicate this same week for the same client but just in the future to see how they've progressed, do the same thing but choose to keep the workouts linked so they will see progress on the workouts.

By clicking 'Overview' this will take you back to the full month calendar overview for this client. If you prefer to programme one session at a time from the month view, simply click on the day you are programming to go through to the full session builder where you can build the session from this full screen view as normal if you prefer to programme this way rather than in the weeks view. Clicking more options will let you either save the session as a draft if you're not fully finished building it, add the session across multiple dates on saving, and add videos and images to the session. Once you are ready, hit 'save session' and this will be added to your client's calendar.

Now, from the drop down, you can either click a new client to programme for, or click 'View All Clients' to see all clients on the calendar together with their different colours. Here, you can click on any name/ date on the calendar and it will bring up the session to the right hand side of the screen where you can live edit the session for the client. You can also click and hold and drag the sessions around the calendar.

In the below example, we've clicked on the session for Brent on the 13th October and can see his session for this day is now on the right hand side of the screen for us to view and edit.

Programming from a pre-made Block

If you want to add a pre-made block of sessions to a client, then head to 'Blocks' under programming from the sidebar menu.

Programming > Blocks

Find the block you have already created that you are wanting to apply to your client, and click the 3 dots under the block. From the pop up, select PT client, the client you are applying the block to, and the date you want it to start from. Now, back on the PT calendar in the PT dashboard you will see all those sessions from the block.

Now these sessions will be automatically applied to the client from the date you selected.

Back in your PT Dashboard, you can click on the sessions to bring them up on the right hand side and tweak them as you need to for this individual client - for example if you need to increase or decrease the weights or intensities of any of the workouts. Tweaking for an individual client will NOT edit your original block saved in session blocks.

Managing Your PT Clients

Back on your PT dashboard. Select a client from the drop down and then click 'Client'

across the top tabs. Here you can see all information on your client in one space here.

You can select a new client to view from the drop down. Once on the client you want to view, you can then use the record search which will let you search for any exercise or movement to keep an eye on weights and progress for your client. You can also view and set goals for your clients and make/ keep notes on your client's journey with you too.

Communicating with PT Clients

Back on the PT dashboard, if you select a client from the drop down you can then click 'Announce' in the top right. This will open up a pre-filled nudge to send to your client letting them know that new sessions are there for them to see in their timetable.

Clients will be able to view all PT programming by heading to their usual timetable tab on the app and looking for their PT sessions across the top. If a session is planned for them that day it will show here.

They will also have a notification pop up on the timetable reminding them they have a PT session programmed for the day.

In the example below, you can see the client can still see all usual gym programmes across the top (unless this is a client on the PT only view) and then their PT session is showing up first as there is a session programmed for them to see today.

Your client can now log their score as usual on the app and once finished they can tap to 'mark session complete' which will notify you that this session is finished. Here they can also leave some feedback on how the session went for you to view too.

If they want to see all PT sessions, they can swipe right or click the burger menu. From here, they will be able to click on 'My programming' to see their PT sessions that have been programmed for them on the calendar.

Sessions programmed will have an orange dot, and once they've been completed the dots will be green. They can open the session and log their scores as normal, once finished they can tap to mark the session as complete which will let you know it's been done.

By tapping on PT chat, this will open up the clients 1-1 chat with you. They can send messages to you here, and any messages you send to them about their sessions will be here in this inbox.

Back on the PT area on your admin area you can also click inbox to view all messages from all of your clients, and you can also keep an eye on this inbox from the coaches corner inbox on your phone too. You can open this chat to a client from underneath any session.

Using PT From your Phone as a Coach

From your coaches corner on your phone you can see your PT calendar, sessions and all messages for your PT clients too.

Head to the Coaches' Corner (by tapping the lock icon on the 6th tab on your phone) and then click the PT clients section.

Here you can see a full calendar overview for what's coming up for your clients, you can also see the sessions in a list view or click 'Clients' to go through to the PT chat area and more actions too.

Adding Scores for Clients

To add a score in for a client from your phone -

From the clients tab, choose the client and then tap the 3 dots next to their name and from the pop up at the bottom of the screen 'view sessions'. Here you'l see all the sessions for the client in list view. To add a score, click the session and then add the score through the plus button.

To add a score for a client from the admin area -

Back on the admin area, to add a score in for a client. Find the session you are wanting to add the score into, then click the green plus icon next to the component and add the score on behalf of the member.

From the pop up, add in the score on behalf of your client before saving the score.

An Overview of your PT Clients

Back on the admin area on the PT Dashboard you can click on 'Manage Clients' in the top right hand corner.

This will bring up all your clients in list view and from here you can see their compliance percentage of how many sessions they have completed. The 3 dots next to their name will allow you to update their colour or remove them.

If you are the root admin on the BoxMate account you will also see a 3rd option called 'Transfer Client'. This means you can move clients between different PT coaches at your gym.

And that's how to use your PT dashboard as a coach both on your laptop/ computer and phone when you have BoxMate PLUS.

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