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Admin Permissions Explained
Admin Permissions Explained

What do permissions allow my coaches to do?

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On BoxMate there are various permissions which give you access to different areas of the app like programming, communications, business health info etc. Each of your coaches can have their own logins which means that you can set each coach up with custom permissions too.

As the root admin (owner of the account) you have control over all the permissions your other coaches / administrators have. If you are reading this and not the root admin and you need access to a different area of the app, you'll just need to ask the root admin to jump on and make any changes to your permissions.

To change the Administrator Permissions of your coaches you must be the root admin.

Head to Administrators from the sidebar menu and click the 3 dots next to the name of the admin/coach account you want to view.

Now, on their profile page you will see a list of permission switches which you can toggle on or off like in the screenshots below.

So, what do all of these permissions mean?

Members - having access to the members' list gives the coach permissions to view member information such as full name, email address and membership type. It also gives the coach permission to manage the members' accounts with actions such as approving pending member accounts, suspending members, deleting their account or promoting them to a coach. This permission will need to be enabled for Coaches to be able to create groups and move members into these groups (PLUS feature).

Engagement - this permission gives the coach permission to set and view goals for members and also set up challenges in the app for members to enter into.

Programming - this permission gives the coach access to all programming. This means they can view programming, build, edit and delete sessions, add exercises to the library and also announce programming.

Media - having access to media means that coaches can upload images and videos to BoxMate for sessions and for different exercises in the library too as well as across communications such as News posts etc.

Communications - communications covers all comms excluding messaging. Having this permission on means that coaches can send out news posts, nudges, questions and spotlights to all members. For a coach to be able to create a group and send out communications to the group (PLUS feature) they will also need the Member permission enabled.

Messaging - messaging has it's own set of permissions as this feature allows coaches to talk one-on-one with members. So here you can decide whether you want coaches to have full access to both inboxes - joint and private - or if you just want them to have access to the team inbox. This means when members message the team inbox from their phone any of your coaches can see and respond to the message and more than one coach can jump into the chat to help the member. If you have the direct inbox turned on, it means members can select that coach from the list of coaches to message directly, and coaches can also message members privately too.

Settings - the settings permission is quite a big one as this permission allows coaches to make changes to all settings in your account. Settings cover various things like your TeamUp settings, programming settings and more. It's worth heading to Account > Settings and looking through all of the options on there before you decide if you want your coaches to have control of this area.

Accounts - This area is where all of your plan details are like GoCardless information and also whether you are on PLUS or not. With this permission coaches would be able to update this info and upgrade your account to PLUS.

CRM - This permission allows coaches access to the full CRM system. This means they can see leads coming in along with name, email address and phone number, write notes on the customer, progress leads through the system and see where leads are coming from. They also have access to edit the information on your landing page too.

Business Health Dashboard - if you integrate with TeamUp all your key business health vitals are on this page. This includes all monthly earnings and data. If you have this permission OFF then coaches will not be able to view or have any access to this data.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the intercom widget in the bottom right corner of your admin application!

Thanks guys!

Team BoxMate

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