In BoxMate Admin v3.4 we added a new feature Administrator Permissions. This allows the root administrators to control what all other administrators (usually coaches) can see and do in the administrator application.

To modify a coaches permissions you must be signed in as a root admin account, go to Administrators in the sidebar menu and select the admin/coach account you want to view, on their profile page you will see a list of permission switches which you can toggle on or off and then save using the button below.

Heres a rundown of each permission and what it does, before granting permissions to your coaches please make sure you read and understand the below specifications: 

Allows the admin to add new members, approve pending members (including approve all), update member details and link members teamup accounts. They can also delete and suspend members.

Allows the admin to build, edit and remove sessions, publish programming notifications to members, add, update and delete workouts/exercises plus manage programmes and assigned members.

Allows the admin to add, edit and remove box news posts.

Allows the admin to access the settings page and control the configuration including options for the Safe Display Time, Member Auto Approval and Disable RX.

Allows the admin to access the setup, plan and invoices pages where previous payment amounts for the BoxMate platform will be listed and current running costs.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the intercom widget in the bottom right corner of your admin application!

Thank You,

Regards Team BoxMate

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