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BoxMate Live - Instructions & Configuration
BoxMate Live - Instructions & Configuration

Learn how to fully utilise the Live screen and explore all available views and preferences.

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BoxMate Live is our digital whiteboard for automatically displaying your sessions, workouts and leaderboards on the big screen in the gym, saving you time and enhancing the member experience. Live is included at no extra cost and is simply an extension of the Admin website optimised for large screens.

This article covers using the Live screen if you need help setting up Live in your gym check out our other article here. You can also watch our learn tutorial here.

Accessing Live

To access BoxMate Live click the TV icon at the bottom of the sidebar menu or alternatively go to directly (You will need to already be logged into the admin site on the browser to access).

Basic Use

Today’s session from your primary programme will automatically load and be displayed in our standard Component View. This view shows the session details, workouts and exercises on the left, and then your members' scores on the right. You can then use the arrow keys, or left and right on your remote control to navigate through the session components.

You can press enter or OK on the remote here to toggle the component full-screen view and you can also use up and down on the keyboard or remote to alter the text size and to make it larger or smaller. By pressing ’N’ on the keyboard or coaches notes icon in the sidebar you can bring up the coaches notes for the session too.

Different Views

There are a few different views that you can choose to display your Live screen in. You can select a different ‘view’ using the views option in the sidebar, by using the shortcut ‘V’ on your keyboard, or by hitting the curved arrow on the remote.

Session View shows you all parts of the session side by side on one single screen. You can click the hide icon next to the name to remove certain items from this view allowing you to fit more on the screen.

Programme View shows you all programmes that have sessions programmed today side by side with listed components. Again, you can use the hide option here to modify what you see.

Whiteboard View is a full-screen view of your leaderboards or scoreboards split across 2 columns. If you have a dual-screen set up, this view is ideal for use on your second screen and you can then display your full-screen components on your main screen. You can access this from the views menu or from the leaderboard icon in components view.

Tip: Press the + (Add Screen) button in the sidebar to open a new browser window which can be dragged across to a second screen.

Switching Dates/Programmes

To change to a different programme, use the programmes list in the sidebar and click the desired programme to switch. Change the date by clicking the calendar icon in the sidebar or press the keyboard shortcut ‘D' and select a new date.

Score Display Options

Filter lets you choose to display all members scores or just the scores from those in the current active TeamUp class.

Scores lets you display either each members all-time best score for the selected workout/exericise or only scores logged on the selected day.

Positions by default shows the scores in a leaderboard fashion ordered top to bottom. Disable this to remove placings from the scores and just have them displayed in order of when the scores were logged instead.

Scrolling lets you turn on automatic scrolling to the bottom and back to the top for each leaderboard.

Note: If the application is running slow or lagging try keeping Scrolliong disabled.

Other Preferences

Other options in the sidebar let you select light or dark mode for the display or add a second screen. You can also select the preferences sidebar menu or press O on the keyboard to update default settings and view the keyboard shortcuts available.

Refresh Time is how often leaderboards are refreshed and is 30 minutes by default when new scores will be downloaded for the selected workout or exercise.

Standalone Interval is the number of seconds between component changes when standalone mode is turned on.

Default View will set which view loads when you refresh the Live screen or restart the computer and is set to Component View by default.

Full-Screen Default, when enabled, hides the leaderboards and just shows the components in full screen to navigate through without any scores.

Custom Branding

If you are a BoxMate PLUS user and have custom branding in your members' app with your brand colours set, this will automatically be pulled across to your live screen.

Browser Zoom

Depending on the TV screen you are using and the resolution, you can use the browser zoom functions in your browser to alter the size of the items on the screen until you are happy with how it looks. On most browsers using CMD/CTRL and pressing + or - (Plus or Minus) keys will let you do this. Alternatively, find the browser settings and zoom option.

Standalone Mode

This mode is great for when you’d like to use your Live screen in a reception or waiting area for your members. The ‘Components’ option when turned on will continuously rotate through the session details, workouts and exercises updating the leaderboards as it goes through at a set interval. ‘Programmes’ will do the same but when reaching the last component switches to the next programme with a session available for that day (See below default preferences for updating the interval).

TeamUp Integration

TeamUp integration in Live gives you and your members the full kiosk experience. You can simply press T, click the TeamUp logo, or use the List icon on the remote to pull up today’s sessions. From here, you can navigate through sessions using up and down on the keyboard or remote, then you can view attendances for each session. You can mark members as ‘confirmed’ or ‘no show’, cancel them from the class using a standard cancel or late cancel (no refund) and add members to a session using the plus icon and searching for a member.

Note: To book a member on to a class he/she will need to have a connected TeamUp account in their BoxMate app.

On-Screen Tools

We built a number of tools to help you improve the members' experience when delivering sessions from the Live screen, check them out below.


For components with videos linked or uploaded you can press the play icon to open the video then move it around or make it full screen if you wish to make it easy to see.


Clicking the live time above the leaderboards will bring up a handy stopwatch you can use and move around the screen if the main gym timer is otherwise occupied.

Percentage Calculator

Pressing P on the keyboard or by clicking on a members weight for a particular exercise on the leaderboard will bring up the percentage calculator onto the screen and see a breakdown of percentages.

TV Kit Remote

If you purchased our TV kit then you will have received the below remote control, see how you can use all the shortcuts here:

Hopefully, we covered everything here, if you have any other questions please contact us using the support widget on our website or at

Thank You!

Team BoxMate 💪🏼

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