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BoxMate Live - Equipment & Setup

Different ways to get Live up and running in your gym

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This guide will cover different options for getting BoxMate Live up and running in your gym covering equipment, setup and requirements.

If you have already set up BoxMate Live and are looking for instructions check out our other article here. You can also check out our learn tutorial here.


Depending on your planned setup, one or two HD TVs with HDMI, WIFI access, and a small shelf for equipment. We recommend 50 inch and larger for the TV sizes to make viewing for the coaches and members clear.

BoxMate Live TV Kit

We have spent the last few years testing equipment and putting together a package that you can purchase from us and roll out the full experience pre-configured ready to plug and play into your TV which includes the following:

Mini PC (Supports 2 Screens) βœ…

Wireless Keyboard With Built In Trackpad βœ…

Wireless Remote Control βœ…

The computer comes fully set up and pre-configured with all the required software installed. Plug in, connect to WIFI and you are good to go.

The cost of the kit is Β£229 and you can contact us to order it. Following your order we will have it set up and out to you within 3-5 days. Contact us for more info about this kit.

Google Chromecast

Our latest version of BoxMate Live includes a new 'Standalone Mode' which when enabled automatically flicks between components and programmes. You can use this setup option if you have a computer or laptop in the gym and cast the live screen to the TV with the Chromecast connected from a google chrome browser.

Apple Devices Note: This can NOT be used with an iPhone/iPad and must be a computer or laptop with the Google Chrome web browser installed.

This by default will act as a standalone display only setup not ideal to coach from as it doesn't include the keyboard/remote as in the kit above.

If you did want to use this option as the main display to coach from you could purchase a wireless keyboard and trackpad/mouse then a remote to connect to the computer or laptop.

Performance Note: Doing it this way would render the computer unusable whilst the Live screen is in use through the Chromecast and also there may be a lag between the connected input devices (Keyboard/Remote) and the screen as it depends on wireless networks.

Existing Computer/Laptop

BoxMate Live is simply a web application running through a browser optimised for large screens so if you have your own computer you can connect to a TV screen in the gym then this should work for you. Use a wireless keyboard and trackpad/mouse then a remote if you like to control the screen.

Hopefully, this answers any questions you have about how to get setup with BoxMate Live, if you need any more information please get in touch.


Team BoxMate πŸ’ͺ🏼

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