BoxMate Marketplace T&Cs

Terms and conditions for marketplace purchases.

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By starting a subscription with a BoxMate Marketplace provider for Programming you agree to the following conditions and terms of use. If you have any problems with what is outlined below please contact us using

Trial Period

Some programming offers a trial period, when you start your trial you will have access to the sessions on days that fall within the trial period. The day after the trial period ends you will be charged the fee for the upcoming month or year of programming based on the subscription type you selected. Before starting your trial you will be required to setup payment details. If you do not wish to continue following the trial you will need to cancel your subscription from the same place you started it before the trial end date or the first billing period will be charged.


You will be charged at the start of your hilling period upfront for the programming you have subscribed to either monthly or annually through GoCardless direct debit. To view a list of charges you can select Manage on the programme you have purchased in the marketplace. We reserve the right to rectify any incorrect charged by automatically debiting the account with the correct amount.

Voucher Codes

If you have been given a voucher code for a programme you can enter this when starting your subscription on the marketplace page. We reserve the right to rectify any incorrect payments through voucher codes by automatically debiting the account with the correct amount.


You can cancel your subscription to programming at any point before the end of your billing period. This is available through the Manage button on the marketplace page where you initially started the subscription.

Use Of Programming

This programming you purchase and download is to be used for the gym/gyms associated with your BoxMate account only. You may not take any part of this programming and use it in any other gyms not associated with BoxMate. You may not give or sell the programming to any other person to use in their own gyms. You are free to modify the programming for your own use but may not make changes and then give or sell the programming on as your own. Any breaches to these terms may result in immediate suspension of your programming subscription and removal of any downloaded sessions from your BoxMate.


By signing up for a programme through the marketplace you agree for BoxMate and the programme provider to contact you regarding offers and other services.

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