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Troubleshooting Push Notifications
Troubleshooting Push Notifications
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If your notifications aren't working then you can follow the steps below to get them up and running quickly and easily again.

Just before we get started it's really important to check you've updated to the latest version of the app. To do this you can follow the link here >>> Get on the Latest Version.

Troubleshooting your Push Notifications in BoxMate

Step 1 - Head to the burger menu top left of your homepage and from the sidebar menu tap 'Support'.

Here you will find the page below. If you can see the word 'Disabled' underneath Push Notifications then tap 'Enable Notifications' and follow the next steps below.

(If it already says 'Enabled' here - skip to step 4)

Step 2 - Now, from the pop up tap 'Allow' to enable BoxMate to send you notifications.

Step 3 - Now you'll see another pop up which lets you know you will be receiving a 'test' notification in the next 20 seconds. Tap 'Okay' and wait for your test notification to come through. Once that pops up you'll know your notifications are working fine and you can again tap 'Okay' to remove the pop up.

Step 4 - Now if you head back to the support page you will see here that notifications are enabled as in the image below.

If you have been struggling with notifications and you already see the word 'Enabled' tap 'Update and Test'. This will re-enable the notifications and send you a test notification (see step 3 for screenshots of what to expect to see).

Step 5 - You're all done!

Now you can head to the burger menu from the Homepage and from the sidebar menu tap 'Preferences'. From here scroll down to your notifications section and you can customise which ones you want to leave on and off.

And that's push notifications covered. If you need any support with anything else please reach out to us on


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