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Gym Data Migration From SugarWOD
Gym Data Migration From SugarWOD

Preparing your BoxMate account to get the most from the members data imports.

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This guide will help you get your BoxMate library ready for when your members set up their accounts after you have finished the setup process and are ready to roll out.

We treat each migration/data import individually and tweak our tools to transfer as many of your member's scores as possible to retain their performance tracking whilst keeping the process as smooth as possible.

Sample Data Exports

Before we start the import we ask for data exports from 3 of your oldest members or those you know have logged a large number of scores. This is so we can manually check the data and see if any of the exercises have been formatted in a different way (Happens a lot with SugarWOD). In this case, we would tweak our capture data to include more format options.

Notable Workouts/Gym Benchmarks

If throughout your SugarWOD period, you programmed a named custom benchmark a number of times and know members will have a good number of logged scores we can build this for you in the library and then scores for members will be imported.

Daily WODs

Important to note, your day-to-day custom gym workouts are not migrated during the import. This is due to SugarWOD not providing the option to export all workout data and also the difficulty of matching non-named workouts from the members' exported data.

Member Imports

Once we have prepared for your gym import, your members can follow the guide below to export the data and send it to us. We recommend reading this guide yourself to familiarise yourself with the process as well as see what workout/exercise data is supported during the migration.

Thank you for checking out this article, if you need help with your import or anything else contact us using

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