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The Rollout Guide (Existing TeamUp)
The Rollout Guide (Existing TeamUp)

A detailed look into the roll out of BoxMate in your gym if you have already been a TeamUp customer for a while.

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This guide is going to cover the process of rolling out BoxMate to your members who should already have TeamUp accounts set up and memberships purchased. At this point, you should have already been through our onboarding process, authorised TeamUp as an admin and be ready to move forward with a full rollout to the gym.

If you are setting up a new TeamUp account too along with BoxMate check out the separate guide here instead of this one which is for existing TeamUp gyms.

Migrating From Other Workout Tracking

If you are moving from another workout tracking system to BoxMate and need to migrate data please check out the following guides first before announcing:

Announcing BoxMate

TeamUp setup, your account configured and programming in, it's time to announce! You can use either of the methods below which can be found under Account->Setup:

Manual Announcement

During the setup of your account, we create a rollout graphic that you can use along with the auto-populated text (below) for posting on social media, WhatsApp groups or any other method of communicating with your members explaining what Boxmate is and how to get online. In BoxMate click "Copy Text" to copy to your clipboard and then "Download Image" to open the image then right click and save as (or tap and hold on mobile)

We are excited to announce that GYM_NAME now has access to BoxMate. This app will let you follow our programming, track your progress, book your TeamUp classes and communicate with us and other members in the gym too!

Download from your app store now by searching 'BoxMate Member' and clicking 'Use TeamUp' to auto create, link your account and login.

The app will keep a training diary of all your scores, showing you progress charts, in-house leaderboards and notify you when you hit new PRs or hit goals.

BoxMate provides us with a private news feed and tools to communicate directly with you and we can also analyse your workouts to make sure you're making progress and getting the most out of your training.

The app integrates directly with TeamUp so you can take care of all your class bookings from one place now too.

Download from your app store now by searching 'BoxMate' and clicking 'register with TeamUp', if you have an active membership your account will be good to go without approval!


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Rollout To Customers

With the TeamUp account integrated, BoxMate has access to your customer list and we can invite them individually using an email which links them directly to the app store to download our app and explains how to log in using their account.

Important: You must have "Auto Approve TeamUp" turned on in settings for the below to work, this is the default option selected in the guided setup.

When you click Rollout To Customers you will be given 2 options:

All Customers would be recommended if you have not been using TeamUp for a long time and have less than 200 customers in the account plus haven't had a high turnover of members as all customers will receive an invite.

Recently Attended looks at customers that have attended in the last 3 months and invites them to BoxMate (Not suitable for brand new gyms to TeamUp)

Important: If you are new to TeamUp please make sure before using this that all/the majority of your customers have signed up to TeamUp and have memberships configured.

Note: If a member that was no longer with you received the invite they would only be auto-approved if they have an active membership.

Registering For BoxMate

We made this part extremely simple for members, when they open BoxMate after downloading it from the app store they simply tap register, then "Use TeamUp" and activate BoxMate using their TeamUp customer account. In the background, this creates a secure account, logs the member in, links the two accounts together and the rest is history.

Going forward the customer will only need to visit the TeamUp website if they need to make changes to their memberships, payments or close their account. Everything else including managing classes, and purchasing extras is done right in the BoxMate app.

Future Customers

So that the experience is good and it is clear for future members joining the gym what they need to do, we recommend customising the email that gets sent from TeamUp when a customer purchases a membership to the one below:

Hi {{recipient_first_name}},

Thank you for signing up as a customer and purchasing the {{membership_name}} membership.

With this membership, you get access to our partner app BoxMate which you can click to download below

BoxMate lets you manage your class bookings, track your workouts, engage with the community and receive updates from your coaches 💪🏼

You can get access in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select “Register” at the bottom of the screen

  2. Tap “Use TeamUp” and enter your existing account details

This will log you in to BoxMate where you will go daily for your bookings and other gym activity. You can head to the TeamUp website if you need to manage memberships, payment details or make any other account changes.
We look forward to seeing you at your next session 🙌🏻

Testing Rollout

We recommend that once you have followed all the steps and are ready to go you run a test on yourself with another email address if you have one. This will let you see what the full customer experience is like which will help you identify any missed steps/issues.


We want the rollout to be successful and being 10 years in the game we picked up a thing or two about how to best roll out BoxMate, here are some suggestions:

  • Make your programming look good, add formatting (Bold/Italics), don't add too much spacing, throw the odd emoji in there 😎 and add titles/notes to components.

  • Make sure your coaches know about the rollout and are prompting people for the first few weeks after the class to "Log your scores", "Make sure you send some high fives for that awesome WOD" etc

  • Use communication tools early, try in the first month to send out at least one news post, nudge and question.

  • Let members know that if they need support they can contact your team in the app using the messages feature (Make sure you give coaches permission first)

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and we hope it helps you with a successful rollout to your members, any questions please come through on the support widget or email us using

Regards, Team BoxMate

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