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Managing Content on Your BoxMate Website (CMS)
Managing Content on Your BoxMate Website (CMS)

Dynamically add, edit and remove content including coaches & testimonials to your website from inside of your coaches area.

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For any BoxMate customers signed up to our 'Sites' offering and have a custom-
For BoxMate customers enrolled in our 'Sites' package and hosting a custom-designed website, you now have the capability to oversee dynamic content sections like coaches and testimonials directly from your admin panel using our latest CMS (Content Management System). Any changes made will be instantly reflected on your live website.

Although currently not accessible from the sidebar in your admin dashboard, you can access your website hub through the link below before its official release and visibility in the sidebar:

Adding new Coaches & Testimonials

To introduce new entries to your website, simply click on the green plus button located at the top right corner of either the Coaches or Testimonials section (refer to the screenshot below). This action will prompt a popup where you can input all the necessary details, including an image, and then save your changes. Once saved, you'll notice the BoxMate Sites page automatically refreshes, displaying the newly added item. Simultaneously, your live website will also be updated accordingly.

Editing Coaches & Testimonials

To modify existing coaches or testimonials already live on your website, simply locate the respective entry and click on the action button located to the right (represented by three dots, as shown in the screenshot below). Then, select 'Edit' from the options. This action will reopen the coach or testimonial popup with the existing content pre-filled. You can then make the necessary changes and save them. Once saved, these updates will be immediately reflected on your live website.

Removing Coaches & Testimonials

To remove coaches or testimonials from your live website, navigate to the respective entry and click on the action button located to the right (indicated by three dots, as shown in the screenshot below). From the options provided, select 'Remove'. This action will delete the content from the CMS as well as remove it from your live website.

Please note that the functionality described above relies on the website's code being structured to support it. If you encounter any discrepancies where changes made in your CMS are not reflected on your live website as expected, please don't hesitate to contact us at In some cases, adjustments may be required on our end to ensure the proper functioning of this feature.

Continued Evolution

As the BoxMate CMS evolves, we are committed to expanding its capabilities to accommodate even more dynamic content on your website. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to enhance this platform and streamline the content management process for you. Please share any ideas or suggestions you have for improving this area to better meet your needs and simplify your website management tasks. We're here to listen and implement changes that will make your experience even more seamless.

โ€‹Graph Functionality Coming Soon

Currently, the graphs within the CMS are not yet linked up to live data. However, we're excited to announce that upcoming updates will bring this feature to life, allowing you to visualise live data directly within the CMS. Keep an eye out for these updates, as they will enhance your ability to monitor and analyse key metrics for your website. We appreciate your patience as we work to implement this valuable functionality, and we're confident it will provide even greater insights into your website's performance.

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